Orkin Man

Orkin is a company who has a very specific set of services, but that does not prevent them from attempting to be on the cutting edge in terms of web presence. I have been fortunate to work on several projects with Orkin, from a site reskin, to a site redesign, as well as satellite sites, including the Orkin Man site, the Orkin Man Lab Notes site and the Sentricon® site.

One of the things that makes working for Orkin a challenge is their diverse audience online. From analyzing their data, Orkin has found their site is viewed across many types of devices, browsers as well as locations across the globe. This means that extensive testing and browser checking is a must. In some cases, I catered as far back as Internet Explorer 7 to match requirements, while still maintaining responsive experiences.

Orkin’s footprint on the web is huge. So getting to work with them to find new avenues to reach potential customers has been a rewarding challenge.





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