LittleFISH Think Tank

Oftentimes I am approached by clients who have started a site on their own using software such as Dreamweaver, who find that their vision was too grand for the amount of complexity they wanted with the skillset they had. Being multitalented is difficult and while we are in an age where having a presence online is easier than it ever has been, having help from an expert to realize your visions is necessary.

Little Fish is an interior design firm who needed help with just that. The vison and the work of getting their site had been done before I came in the process, but the complexity overwhelmed the project and they soon found themselves stuck with a site that just did not work.

This was a plugin heavy site, so most of the changes I made were Javascript in nature but I additionally made many styling and HTML changes as well, to be sure their site had optimal consistency. Additionally, I provided documentation to the client to be sure they knew how to use their system if they ever wanted to make changes in the future without crippling the site.

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