Edward R. Stephens

A friend of mine from college is a writer. Part of the challenge of writing is keeping an public facing list of works that exemplifies the writer’s best product. Oftentimes, writers have been published in many different places, so keeping a catalog of “greatest hits” helps them have an online presence that is easily managed.

Edward needed just this, and after doing some research, I realized there were surprisingly very few writer portfolio sites on the internet. This gave me free range on what I believed would make a great, non-distracting home for Edward’s words.

Using Edward’s signature as a logo helped create a brand for his work. On the front page I showcased that signature in a browser-height visual with animations correlated with the scroll – a true 21st century book jacket.

Since the content of his writing was the core of what the site was about, I added very little to distract the user. I mimicked the approximate width of a page in a book, to prevent the user’s eye from traveling too far right-to-left. I also hid non-essential content in the header bar, unless the user elected to focus on it by hovering over it.

To make sure Edward could control his online presence, I built this as a custom WordPress theme, so that he could add to and subtract from his work as he sees fit.





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