Doggy Dogg

When I was approached by Doggy Dogg back in 2011, we were in very similar places professionally. Doggy Dogg, a gourmet sausage food truck in the Atlanta area, and I both were just starting out our careers. Doggy Dogg was putting together some money for their first cart to serve from, and I had just began working as a UI developer.

Doggy Dogg needed specific things to get its brand off the ground – specifically a logo and a website. Since the idea for the company was inspired while the owner, James Hammerl, had taken a trip to Germany, he wanted his company to reflect some of the nostalgic beer imagery he saw at German breweries. He also loved Euro league soccer and wanted to capture the Old World essence from the banners and flags one would see scattered around the pitch. I incorporated many of these into the logo as well as some requested Dachshunds to add a little cuteness to the brand.

In all, Doggy Dogg was very pleased with the logo, which was used on promotional material, like shirts and stickers, the website, and prominently featured on his trusty sausage cart.



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