benj. tinsley.

UI developer.

21st century man.

ben and his dog
Ben and his dog

Ben's a native of Atlanta who knows the core UI development languages — HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and PHP. To improve his workflow, he uses Sass, Gulp, RequireJS, Bourbon and an array of grid systems. Ben uses Mac and develops for the browser primarily using Firefox and Chrome, but is careful to do testing across multiple platforms and devices. Ben uses Atom and Sublime Text as his IDEs of choice and is comfortable working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Sketch for both designing and developing good projects.

When he is not working, Ben likes to paint with acrylics, ride his bike, and read - mostly science fiction but also some biography every now and then. He also has a babe of a wife and a brand-new son that give him plenty to work on when he gets home.

Ben currently works for THINK Interactive in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ben is always looking for great projects and teams to be a part of. If you have something you think he could help out with, send him an email.


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